About Trailmerge

As your UX design team, Trailmerge adapts to your startup's stage and processes to design human-friendly software together within an Agile ecosystem.

Our Team

Mark Tegtmeier

Founder & Head of Design
Atlanta, GA

Victoria Cameron

Operations & Marketing Manager
Fort Collins, CO

Jason Cook

Senior UX Designer
Charleston, SC

Jenika Ashley

UX Designer
Orlando, FL

Juliet Stevenson

UX Designer
Seattle, WA

Sarah Tegtmeier

Executive Assistant
Atlanta, GA

Our mission  is to equip SaaS startups with product design expertise and empower people to thrive in their work lives.

Most of our waking hours are spent in the work environment. Work should be fulfilling.

Software tools used in the work environment too often frustrate users, waste time, and make work miserable. We are here to design tools that help instead of hinder, that give people momentum in their work and careers.

At Trailmerge, our vision is to promote abundance of life and opportunity. This drives how we operate with our team members – mentorship and development are a core part of who we are. This is also how we partner with our clients – journeying with founders and product teams to support their entrepreneurial dreams and growth.

Our Values

Opportunity for talented and passionate people

Individual responsibility, shared successes

Technology for people, not people for technology

A culture of honor and freedom

Our team members are human, not "resources"

All of us grow and all of us mentor

Proactive and friendly communication