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UX Research

Gather reliable data from your customers so you can build the right product for your target market.

Perfect for

  • SaaS companies at any stage of business
  • Companies looking to stay current with industry trends and customer needs

Research Strategy

Establishment of research goals, script writing, and methodologies to draw out reliable and actionable findings.


Organization and execution of user interviews and research report to inform designs.

Prototypes & Usability Testing

Testing in-app workflows with users using interactive prototypes to reveal pain points prior to development.

Research doesn't stop once you have an MVP. The best SaaS companies keep users at the center of their design process, conducting ongoing research to ensure they consistently exceed user expectations and stay ahead of the competition.

We leverage structured user interviews, usability tests on interactive prototypes, and feedback from the market to inform UX efforts. It's all about learning, iterating, and testing to create a product users love!

Our Process

Choose the right methodology

We start with strategy, identifying questions that need answers so we can select the right UX research methods.

Plan & coordinate activities

We plan the logistics for research activities alongside your team, such participant recruitment and research roles.

Write the script

We carefully craft a script that will draw out actionable insights while being careful to not lead the participant or bias the data.

Build an interactive prototype

Using screens we've built in Figma, we create clickable prototypes to use in task-based usability sessions.

Conduct research sessions

We team up to facilitate and take notes on user interviews, usability tests, and other participant-based research.

Report out

After synthesizing research data into relevant insights, we report out findings to your team and record them for future reference.