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Train & Augment Your Team

Equip existing internal designers with mentorship and add additional hands-on-deck design support.

Perfect for

  • Startups with solo or junior designers
  • Product teams new to and dabbling in UX
  • Design teams new to SaaS products

Design Team Training

Design syncs and mentorship for junior designers with ongoing communication and support.

Product Design Strategy

Collaboration with product owners on feature prioritization and design project planning from a UX perspective.

Embedded Designers

A fractional extension of your product team to gain more perspective and expedite your design timelines.

Startups often don't have the resources to hire multiple designers. Support your internal designer with a specialized UX professional to create well-rounded designs while offering valuable mentorship and growth opportunities for junior designers.

"Two heads are better than one, not because either is infallible, but because they are unlikely to go wrong in the same direction."
– C.S. Lewis

Our Process

Assess current team needs

We meet with you to understand your team's current strengths, SaaS product design maturity, and areas for growth.

Embed our designers into your team

We outfit you with a fractional design team, integrated as a part of your internal team, to reach the UX output you need.

Assist with product & design strategy

We draw on our B2B SaaS experience to help you prioritize features, plan improvements, and identify dependencies.

Coach in context

We collaborate with your designers on your team's current design projects, actively mentoring in the process.

Collaborate across teams

We work closely with your team, not only product, design, and dev, but also sales, CS, and marketing for the best results.

Build together

As an extension of your design team, we divvy up projects and work together to build SaaS products people love.