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SaaS Product Revamp

Improve your product’s learnability to increase adoption and reduce overhead.

Perfect for

  • Series A and beyond SaaS startups with a high churn rate
  • Outdated enterprise software
  • SaaS startups looking to increase product led growth

Design Audit & Research

In-depth usability analysis and user-centered research to form a comprehensive picture of the current state of your app.

Prioritized Redesign

New and improved product design based on UX research, stakeholder requirements, and design best practices.

New Feature Design

Prioritized UX architecture and design of new features based on user feedback and developing user needs.

In the SaaS startup world, it's common to throw a product together rapidly to get something to market, even if it is not the best version possible. By improving your product's design, you can mitigate design debt, reduce churn, and gain more market share.

Trailmerge will identify areas for improvement in your current platform and leverage the full UX process (research and design) to level up your product for scalability and growth.

Our Process

Evaluate the existing product

We start by assessing where your SaaS platform currently stands, performing a thorough audit.

Conduct research

We leverage an array of UX research tools to ensure we're building designs consistent with user needs and feedback.

Identify areas of opportunity

Using audit and research findings, we work with you to locate areas of the app that need the most immediate UX support.

Plan & prioritize design work

With data in hand, we collaborate with your product team to plot out a design and development roadmap.

Build dev-ready designs

We design annotated, high-fidelity mockups that devs can easily reference within Figma and can even write the user stories for you.

Provide ongoing Agile support

We operate within your team's existing Agile processes, providing design support for your product and dev teams.