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Design Audit

Identify usability pain points and receive actionable recommendations.

Perfect for

  • Startups with live SaaS products
  • Startups with detailed mockups or prototypes

Detailed Evaluation

In-depth analysis of your app's user experience measured against industry best practices with issue severity rankings.


Identification and documentation of recurring pain points and opportunities for improvement in the design.


Actionable list of recommended next steps to resolve identified usability issues within your platform.

The best way to scalable product-led growth is through an easy-to-use, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-adopt user experience. A design audit is the perfect way to measure the usability of your app and identify obstacles to onboarding and adoption. Audit insights will enable you to create a better performing product and reduce churn.

We measure your SaaS platform's UI and interactions against UX best practices, prioritizing detailed findings so you can immediately address the most significant barriers to adoption.

Our Process

Establish audit goals

We kick off the audit with an hour-long meeting to demo your product and scope the focus of our investigation.

Evaluate against best practices

We use a curated list of usability standards to measure specific areas of your B2B SaaS platform and identify issues.

Rank severity of issues

After identifying usability problems, we rank each on a 5-point scale to help you prioritize what to work on next.

Highlight themes

As we evaluate your application, we'll see trends emerge and highlight these as areas to focus on to improve your UX.

Recommend next steps for improvement

We address usability trends with actionable opportunities to improve your SaaS product's learnability and performance.

Debrief and discuss results

To conclude the process, we meet with your team to discuss the audit findings and recommendations.