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“I was blown away by the Trailmerge audit. It was thorough and comprehensive. We’re building a very niche product and the Trailmerge team did the research and really learned the problem we’re trying to solve. As we move forward, we definitely plan to partner with Trailmerge again.”

— Amanda Sabreah, Founder & CEO @ Staat

In-Depth Analysis

We comb through your product and catalogue usability issues in detail, making specific recommendations for improvement.

Prioritized Findings

After identifying pain points, we rank them on a 5-point scale to help you prioritize what to fix first.

Actionable Next Steps

Once we've compiled your detailed report, we walk you through themes and steps to optimize your product's design.

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“Trailmerge has been the difference between success and failure for our early-stage startup.”

— Sean Grapevine, Founder @ LoanShout